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You'd throw some money in what amounts to about a US quarter, then it would spin three wheels and if you got lucky with some pattern, you'd then have the choice to "double or nothing" your win on the next play, or get the current win. Then all you needed was this tiny piece of paper, take it back to your buddy, who kept the machine occupied, align the past results with the printout and no more than 2 minutes later you were "surprised" to win the all-time s series.

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In fact, the majority of them are actually quite simple in theme, taking after classic slot machine designs with 2D fruit symbols. So I was almost there. Didn't take him long and I had the code which I could test on my computer. There are some video slots with impressive 3D animations such as Stone Age and Fly For Gold, the latter of which has its own special bonus game which invites spinners to take part in a flying race.

I had never been good with abstract things such as algebra. But the first few times they only changed the randomgen's numbers. Summary Kajot slot games may not be the most instantly recognisable name in the game making trade, unless of course you regularly frequent the bars, pubs and game rooms of the Czech Republic.

The goal of the play was to try to double your win a few times until you'd get in the "series" mode where any succeeding win, no matter how minor, would get you a big payment of about 10 times your spending per game.

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Spin if you dare! Slow I got a an idea of the flow control of the slot machine's program. However, there is one vintage style 5-reel game with a twist, and it goes by the name of Hotlines But the interesting thing about this game is that its 5 reels alternate in size.

The Red Planet system, for example, provides a three level jackpot and high definition games while the Green Planet system offers high volatility for bigger wins at a lower frequency. That was the end of it. However, this slot machine substitutes the usual cherries, plums and watermelon icons for more exotic fruit fare with 3D symbols that depict pineapples, bananas and coconuts.

Now I could quickly find the code that would call this randomgen and learn which "events" garden route casino mossel bay to a randomgen iteration, meaning I knew how to predict the next iterations and their xojo slot machine during a game.

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Running on batteries, which was my terminal. The difficulty was to know when to double and when not. When I called him, he quickly knew how to solve the problem and quabbled a lot about how simple it would be to determine the randomgen's seed value. By that time, I had already a computer I worked for the company "Gepard Computer" which built and sold such a machine, with its own developer OS and, all and was into programming Modula I knew someone who studied math and was a programmer too, though.

What was left was to figure out the current position of the randomgen. It took usually between 5 and 8 minutes, which was acceptable. Until then, the randomgen xojo slot machine only advanced at certain predictable times, e. This wasn't Las Vegas, so you'd only get about DM out of a machine that way, but it was quick and sure money, and it was exciting.

We only had to get hold of the new ROMs, and it took me a few minutes to find the new numbers and implement them into my software. Mixing the Expected with the Unexpected The same mixture of vintage and not-so-vintage can be found in the 4-reel slot machine collection. Page last modified on So, the first reel can hold 3 symbols while the second reel holds 4 and the third reel holds 3, and so on.

Eventually, though, the machine maker learned how to "fix" it: There are actually 8 different games machines in total, each of which offer varying games catalogues with differing volatility levels. But perhaps the best thing about the titles that this company has to offer is that they strike the perfect balance between classic and contemporary.

Instead of using pre-calc'd tables, it did something else and none of the resident crackers could figure that out.

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Both of those fruit machines are somewhat dated when it comes to the visual aspect, but there is also some modern 3D style action in Big Apple, another 3-reel game but this time with 27 paylines and a special 9-reel bonus game. But the main aim for Kajot appears to be delivering such games to players via one of its many land-based games machines.

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So I wrote a disassembler for theone that helped me with reverse engineering by finding subroutines, jumps, etc. Now, if you watched the machine play for a few rounds, you'd could figure out where xojo slot machine "random table pointer" was and predict its next move.

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But I remember seeing something mentioned in a Modula-2 book and then realized what it was. However, the game has a military edge with a combat camouflage background and a wild Joker symbol which is depicted by a novelty army soldier character. So, to empty one of these slot machines, you'd work with two people: However, despite appearing to be basic in appearance, these games do incorporate some exciting and potentially rewarding bonus gameplay features such as the Double Win element for a full house of 9 matching symbols in Kajot Lines, or the three tiered bonus game in Classic Seven which offers a prize multiplier up to x7.

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But then they finally changed it so that the randomgen would continually be polled, meaning we were no longer able to predict the next seed value exactly on time for the pressing of the button. After some digging and asking, I found it was a which I found to be the nicest 8 bit CPU to exist, and which had analogies to the x0 CPU design, which was much more linear than the x86 family's instruction mess.

My Gepard computer was clearly not of the portable type. This was in Germany, where almost every pub had one or two of those: The code to accomplish this would take a lot of time, and that a C or any other 8 bit computer would take hours if not days for it.