Xcom 2 utility slots, the soldier...

A standalone Jet Pack item. A 1-time only item - disappears permanently upon usage. Refunds an action point when used against a bleeding enemy. Poison immunity is the icing on the cake.

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Should be a property of primary pistols instead of bonus damage, IMO. Rocket Punch ability — a heavy uppercut that ragdolls enemies, and launches them up and backwards. Limited amount of uses per mission, no utility item required. Demon Slash-like sword ability, that would teleport the soldier through the enemy, and deal damage only once the sword is sheathed.

Provides a chance to Reflect enemy attacks. Both would be fun.

There would be at least grenade launcher and shotgun, could be more. Medikit and Nanomedikit are best given to a Specialist-class soldier, with the Medical Protocol ability. Or he will explode automatically on the next turn. Would be better to set it up as a separate meta mod.

Additional perk ideas here. Usable only from concealment, preserves concealment for the duration. Mimic Beacon is an extremely effective tool used to distract enemies, which is even more valuable on higher difficulty levels.

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The effect lasts for 2 rounds. It provides a utility item which can 12win slot casino for android used to reload the Cannon of a nearby Grenadier or Gunner, and it can be configured to be usable on all classes. After completing the "Skullmining" research, the HACK attribute of the soldier wielding it is increased by 25 points.

Gained some useful experience in kitbashing weapon models and making weapon mods in general. Nothing like a sword that can also shoot. Uses Sonic Charges to power skills. An ability to rapidly fire multiple shots at different targets. Creating mods is nearly as fun for me as actually playing the game, if not more fun, and if I could, I would happily make it my full time job.

Amount of charges granted and maximum charge increases with soldier rank.

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See below for more info. I would love more Flyover text for more abilities, but I have no xcom 2 utility slots how it works. Kinda unexpectedly conceived of this mod, and implemented it in pretty much the same evening.

One enemy can be darted at a time? System Infiltration This mod provides an ability that becomes available alongside other Hacking-related actions. One could be a with a standalone rifleman class, which uses underbarrel attachment as their secondary weapon, and have various perks related to that ability.

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Challenging tactical combat, constant stream of decisions you have to take, and the ability to endlessly barbie my troops — all speak directly to my heart. Basically make it work like in original XCOM Long War, with the ability to carry additional rockets of various properties in utility slots. Higher tier of the ability could also Mark enemies to make them easier to hit.

Piercing Shot ability — a sniper rifle shot that ragdolls and knockbacks enemies, as well as pierces and shreds armor. Dual Wielded Pistols and Akimbo Class This combination of mods has been developed in close partnership with Musahi and robojumper, two famous and talented modders. Would probably xcom 2 utility slots a utility item, or maybe an armor like Spider Suit.

Autopistol Overhaul Workshop Link Originally this was intended as a quick edit of weapon stats for autopistols, but then it turned out I have to also add extra animations, then I remembered that autopistols are missing attachments, and it all spiraled out of control. Tackle ability that pushes enemy out of cover.

Those are worth using only when you lack any better items to equip your soldiers with. If stunned and ragdolled enemies remain lying on the ground until Stun wears off, then everything is fine.

Make it determine valid targets by equipped weapon, and not class. Additionally, after a lot of hopeless banging my head against the wall, I have unlocked the secret to creating custom animations for XCOM abilities, and I plan to create a series of video tutorials explaining that process in great detail.

Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions or feedback. VSSK Exhaust weapon mod — a suppressed sniper rifle chambered in. Weapon Skin Replacer Workshop Link This mod allows to cosmetically modify weapons to look and sound like other weapons. This item should be given to a Sharpshooter-class soldier, who will in most cases be too far away from the target to hurt it with a grenade either way.