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Here's a batch of Ideas to vote up to make this kind of thing easier to do: The active area is added in BeforeTimeHeaderRender event handler: I've written for R2 since that's what I had to hand.

As OP stated 3. Loads events and blocks from SQL Server database. The editBlock methods opens a dialog box with block details: The first field will have the distinct values of whatever you need copies of, in the case of a daily census analysis this would be a row for each day with the date value, in the case of a UNION then you'd only need two rows with values of 1 and 2.

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Create 48 columns in the table - one for each timeslot. The event color field AssignmentColor is used to store the event color. Considerations for upgrades and redesigns should primarily be considered when the development team is selecting the final architecture after considering ALL of the viable alternatives. Representative the a most unless and effectively, jobs.

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TimeFormat End Sub It will replace the default header text e. So IMHO it is appropriate to consider several alternative implementations and create a prototype for each.

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We will replace the default text with the block name start and end as defined in the database. My point is that, as can be seen clearly by the actual table examples you have provided thank you for thatis that it is really fairly straightforward to create sample tables and prototypes to experiment with and see how well they seem to match the requirements.

Finding 'Available Time Slot' in a DateTime column

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I haven't tested this out, so I'm not sure what kinds of issues this might run into. That makes it even more important not to cut short the prototype and analysis phase where alternative designs are considered.

Time Slot Availability

The maximum supported slot size is 60 minutes CellDuration property. May 10, 5: Our BeforeTimeHeaderRender handler looks like this: The whole I think that the timeslot concept is central - as indeed are all of the tables I suggested.

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Price from JobPrices as jp where jp. Tableau for Mac will happily connect to that workbook, the only thing is any time the data source needs to be modified or joy casino no deposit bonus 2017 extract refreshed that has to be done on Tableau for Windows.

The database file daypilot.


Your examples had a job lasting, at most, overnight. Timetable Block Editing We will make the block properties start and end time editable by adding an active area to each time header cell: After the initial cut of the top-level architecture specific modules that had the potential to be problematic or constrain the system the most would get a BOTTOM-UP prototype to check things out.

In the Data Window you'll see the results, which will be multiple copies of your data. Anyhoo, thanks for the challenge!

Group data into 15 minute intervals

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It is easily implemented and understand and self-checking; an exception will be raised if it is violated. Give this field a unique name that is not used in your original data source.