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Combat still benefits from increased amounts of Alacrity in 4. Your 6-Set Bonus remains unchanged in 4. As a general rule you should do your best not to spam this ability.

A little about me. To master the spec you will need to be able to take a snap shot of where you are at any given moment and evaluate your current position within that set priority list. Ok so now let me explain how to put this all together, that single image, and maintain it indefinitely. This ability should be maintained in an accessible spot on your action bars as you will need this ability for several PvE encounters.

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You must keep the Massacre buff up at all times 6 second buff. The rotation is very easily thrown off as the rotation is very dependent on several cooldowns being available in order all within a very short and specific time frame. Second, you can email me directly at HayeteJC gmail.

For a more detailed breakdown of exactly how much Crit to obtain at the, and item level refer to the stat builds at the end of this section. You will no swtor lightsaber augment slot find any gear containing Surge by name. This ability will not work on bosses or targets with the Unshakable buff. What does this mean for you? I feel compelled to warn you however if you played the spec in 3.

Depending on what you have available and the duration remaining on Slaughter this can push one above the other. You now only need to find a piece of gear with the right Tertiary stat. That was crazy right? What discovery is that? This is a very versatile ability and one you can use on almost every encounter to give either yourself or your group a one up on an encounter.

It can also be used for burst phases where you need to do your burst rotation but do not have a 30 stack on standby.

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This Priority list will help you to evaluate what to do when you reach that point. With free casino website templates said there are several ways in which I make myself available to those who would like to reach out to ask questions, get help, etc.

Due to the amount of content and Operation bosses that involve multiple targets this utility, in skilled hands, is invaluable when direct AoE damage is needed.

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For these reasons I highly suggest that you master the Standard Rotation before proceeding with this rotation. It reduces the length of channeled abilities, increases the frequency of Damage over Time DoT effects, decreases cooldowns, etc.

Obviously you can leave comments here and ask questions. While this is all situational and does not fit into every scenario the same at least knowing what it does will give you a better sense of when to use it. We wont get the 4-Set buff here but we will get the six Alacrity charges and the ramp up of damage output.

I want to take a moment to explain what has changed, passively, and then give you my explanation on how to respond to this change. Furthermore, with the removal of Surge as a stand alone stat you will no longer find any Enhancements containing Surge, these have been removed.

At the moment it appears this has not changed for the spec.

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Like Obfuscate this cannot be utilized on bosses and additionally is ineffective against targets with the Unshakable buff. With that said please allow at least 24 hours for a response.

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Gearing Distributions and Compositions: So, now that you understand that lets do that here. Bloodthirst has a cooldown of 5 minutes and cannot be double stacked or used again within 5 minutes of another activated Bloodthirst. Furthermore, on October 2, a blog post was released detailing combat changes in 4. This is not meant to tell you not to apply Mastery or Power Augments only that the damage gain and loss between the two groups exists.

Ok so lets keep moving down the priority list. Mods have also been redesigned to reflect this change. Due to the nature of Marauder DPS this increases our mobility, defense, and our raid wide class utility as far as what we can bring to the table. With the introduction of the Proficient Stim in Istanbul slot koordine 4.