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Quest Strategy

Only ever needed max for Aokiji forest and Perona. Get that quick clear as well as safe recommended if you have someone like Rakuyo or in the future Heracles'n. Not like cd where you only need Level 1 and you are golden Level 2 cd is just icing on the cake. If you lack a legend and have G3 this is probably the best scenario.

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She is still very good but you wont be maxing her sockets or is it necessary to do so. His HP is very useful for Blackbeard teams and despair will fuck it up so don't get it! That is slots corazones and probably the only scenario you take Ivan as a sub -Socket route 2: Charged Special and Sloot Rate Why?: So how does bandai make a pretty decent socket into a bad socket?

CasinoQuestalso get reviews and ranks the best online casinos for your country: Shanks Black Clad Emperor: Same as cooldown this is meant more for sub on teams over that of him being captain.

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Used universally so this is probably the top priority socket especially for 0 stamina. This route is more for those looking for quicker clears.

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Okay so this is one of the few times you ever want to slots corazones this route and this is for SW Ace teams. Bind, Despair, Charged Special Why?: Always nice to start a battle with cooldowns much shorter -Socket route 3: Very nice for those with no Boa or Marco that only have Enel as quick lead but more on that later, as well for a few Monster Chopper teams and Slasher teams.

Not a must go route but up to you. Just having 10 points in it gives you 1 cooldown off the start.

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Probably the most used and consistent socket at the moment. The best socket overall but usually meant for people who have max specials or close to max.

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Added in the official translation for the sockets on here!