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They had an extremely knowledgeable person who replaced the impeller, as well as the shaft bushings, which had worn out.

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I've decided to go the flexible piping route. This is much too close to pull the pump motor out of the pump assembly, and as you can see, the pump assembly is solidly piped in place. However, before this picture was taken, I had already removed a voluminous tangled mess of debris.

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If you click the image to enlarge it, you can see George Washington on the quarter. The one fin on the outside is strategically placed for maximum output to the outflow pipe. The hook catches on part of the drawer or door and prevents opening unless the rod is bent downward simultaneously to disengage the hook.

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Suction Danger Read the suction danger label above, and if necessary click the above label image for a full sized image. If you look carefully at the full sized image, you'll see that in this picture the gasket has come out of its slot at about 4: I decided not to do it because I'm not sure if it meets code, and I feel very squeamish about wirenutting a ground wire.

These locking mechanisms may take several forms, but the most common is a design that requires a tab to be pressed firmly as the lid is twisted. Once the door is closed, control of these two mechanical type child locks is completely inaccessible to the passengers. The big boxy thing in front is the pump basket.

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It fits into a slot around the edge of the back of the basket assembly. Here's the pump basket with the screen removed.

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The Pump Basket Now that the motor and basket are separated, let's take a quick look at the basket: As you can see, the pump assembly is sitting on the table. Be sure to use teflon tape, and over the teflon tape use a coating of clear RTV silicone adheasive sealant.

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You can click the preceding image to get a full sized version. You can see details of my repiping job.

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But life is never that easy What IS important is the third wire -- the ground.