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Because of their close business and other relationships with the British, some settlers from the city were Loyalists and moved to Canada in the late stages of the Revolution. American Locomotive Company also developed here, from a Schenectady company, and merging several smaller companies in ; it was second in the United States in the manufacture of steam locomotives before developing diesel technology.

In addition, General Electric established some high-tech running aces casino employment in the neighboring town of Niskayunawhich contributed to continuing population growth in the county.

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In Schenectady, they used them as farm laborers. The Great Depression caused a loss of jobs and population after that. As most early colonists were from the Fort Orange area, they may have anticipated working as fur traders, but the Beverwijck later Albany traders kept a monopoly of legal control.

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That year the city of Schenectady had a total population ofwhich included free blacks, 47 slaves, and 91 foreigners. Van Slyck family descendants retained ownership through the 19th century.

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From the early days of interaction, early Dutch traders in the valley had unions with Mohawk women, if not always official marriages. The last slaves in New York and this city gained freedom inunder the state's gradual abolition law. It lost many jobs and population to other locations, including offshore.

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Starting in the early s the Mohawk moved their settlements closer to the river and bythey had also taken over territories on the west bank of the Hudson River that were formerly held by the Algonquian -speaking Mahican people.

The settlers recognized that these bottomlands had been cultivated for maize by the Mohawk for centuries. This business became a major industrial and economic force and helped establish the city and region as a national manufacturing center. GE became important nationally as a creative company, expanding into many different fields.

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The city reached its peak of population in The settlers here turned to farming. Colonial governments got involved only for high-ranking officers or other officials.

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They also gained land in the Schenectady settlement. The Crown granted them significado de slot en ingles in what became known as Upper Canada and later Ontario.

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New settlers were predominantly of English and Scotch-Irish descent. The English also imported slaves and continued with agriculture in the river valley. But in a bit of a twist, the board said it decided that two casinos in that region would work against each other -- and chose to recommend just one site in either Sullivan or Ulster County.

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The casino is projected to include full-time jobs and part-time jobs.