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Potosek acknowledged that will face additional challenges, which is why he said the county has devoted a lot of time and resources to help, such as in its planning department. He added that the county will focus on economic development and quality of life.

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Under the state law that set the casino guidelines, New York gets a third of the cash that casinos rake in from table games and slot machines. That means Sullivan County and Thompson each will get 5 percent of what the state collects from Resorts World Catskills, while Orange, Ulster and four other counties will divide 10 percent.

The opening of the casino has brought a sense of excitement to the campus and gives students a new opportunity for employment, Quaintance said.

If Monticello can capitalize on increased tourism, it would be a big boost for the village. Sager said the village already experiences problems with drugs and gangs, so the tools are in place to deal with any potential spike in crime. The state then uses 80 percent of its haul to boost aid for public schools and gives the rest to the host communities and counties in the wider region.

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These two metrics are the industry standard in measuring casino performance. The building stands as a symbol for the revitalization of the Catskills that residents have waited decades for in an area that once prided itself as a marquee getaway destination. Degliomini cautioned against reading too much into the numbers at this point, citing several factors in the slow opening: In his other job as a Realtor, Rieber said he gets calls every day from people looking for rental properties, and due to the demand, prices are rising.

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Early returns indicate Resorts World Catskills is doing just that. He said the salaries and benefits offered by the casino continue to attract prospective employees.

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There are still food and beverage positions open, including about 75 at Cellaio, an Italian-influenced steakhouse by celebrity chef Scott Conant set to open near the end of April, Degliomini said.

Planning for growth Rieber said Thompson has not yet developed a specific plan for its share of revenue, but much will go toward infrastructure such as town buildings, equipment and parks, as well as tax reduction.

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The planning division conducted more than of these reviews inabout 33 percent more than in or The idea behind casino expansion in the state was to bring jobs to economically depressed areas. Plus, the casino's event venue, called the Epicenter, doesn't have scheduled programming until May, according to Degliomini.

The casino employs more than 1, people and plans to keep hiring to accommodate anticipated turnover, according to Charlie Degliomini, executive vice president at Empire Resorts, the parent company of Resorts World Catskills.

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Budget windfall Along with jobs, the casino is expected to provide a windfall for the Town of Thompson and Sullivan County. Rieber noted there are restrictions on how the town can use the funds.

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The village will have to rely on aid from the county and state for any additional resources it needs, he said. The Town of Thompson had 50 reviews, by far the most in the county, up from 35 in and 20 inaccording to county data.

The goal is to create a pipeline of trained workers for the region's industries.

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The casino opened Feb. Degliomini likened Resorts World Catskills to a supermarket with only six or seven aisles open. A golf course and entertainment village are on the way as well. For example, the county Legislature set aside some money to address blight. In terms of gross gaming revenue - the amount wagered minus the winnings returned to players, it's off to a slow start.

What's the deal so far?

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He expects enrollment to increase as people move to the area, and wants to expand the school's hospitality and culinary program offerings. Even before the casino opened, the project already sparked investments in Sullivan County. As of late March, of hotel rooms had opened.