Mills castle front slot machine parts, repair it yourself - 2 options

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A manual packed full of information for these complicated Continental machines, a must bruise cruise blackjack billy for anyone owning one of these great, super interesting slot machines. This is the only manual that I have ever seen on this model. When a customer purchases a slot machine from me, I offer lifetime guarantee, as long as you own the slot machine, providing you bring it to me for repairs.

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To visit our database, please click on the link RomsDB link above. We want complete or nearly complete mechanical machines, various parts and are looking for parts for old gooseneck machines, especially early Jennings or Rock-Ola conversions. These photos of show the mechanism and the inside of the machine as well as the left and back sides of this fabulous antique machine.

Bally Bally Manuals After the purchase of a manual, you will be returned to our web where you will see a link so that you can immediately download your purchase. It contains wire drawings of circuits in the Bally E Slot machine, great for finding where that broken wire is, or was going.

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This would work best if you also had the Bally Manual also listed here below as a companion to go along with this manual. This is a 52 page manual on Bally Dollar Slot Machines, Service instructions and parts catalog in color, bally manual of springa very nice manual.

It was created for the sole purpose of helping others find the information they need. This is a 22 page manual.

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If you can not find a place to ask your questions or feel the need to have an additional board, let us know Use either the link above or at the right under Navigation We are also pleased to offer several manuals, in PDF format, for sale.

For Military Model Ballys, another hard to find manual.

Bally Manuals

These reels will spin when the machine is first cycled. This is about 48 pages all on the Bally "Classic Model" slot machine. Get 5 manuals at mills castle front slot machine parts discounted price. Contains lots of information and fault isolation flow charts to help you fix your boards.

My name is Richard Bright and I have been restoring antique slot machines for over 35 years, you could say I have repaired or restored at least antique slot machines in my lifetime. If it does have the display it's the only model and not the plus. Take note that the links expire after 72 hours and downloads are limited.

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This business is set around a very small circle of qualified people to do this kind of work. This takes 21 pages to cover all these Bally Models, of the Bally A line.

Antique Mills Black Castle Front 25 cent slot Machine

We have a large inventory of parts for antique slot machines. But forget silver dollars, these days most new slot machines in the classic style accept bills, and may not even accept coins anymore. In addition you will receive an email containing these same links.

We will offer assistance any time you need it, just by picking up the phone or through e-mail, whatever is easiest for the customer. The manual shows the parts and part numbers and break down drawings and location of parts, 20 pages and is a factory Bally manual.

Rare article information, Cover page article, and photo's of the Bally High Hand slot machine. After the reels spin wildly for a few moments, the machine stops each reel on a random point revealing one of the decals on that reel. Slots are an old invention, but they are still extremely popular in a variety of casino settings. All Bally "E" and "E" series manuals in one package, and one low price, plus a another great and easy reading, easy to use, operators manual not listed.

About pages of information on using and repairing your Bally "E" Series slot machine, all contained in a ZIP file. This is old information and the quality is not so great, but it helps with Parts and that sort of thing, 13 pages of information.

There is perhaps no better representation of gambling culture than the classic slot machine. Some pages in color, and super good information you can never find out there. Bally Plus model of Reel Slots, this is a very nice manual some color, and a large complete Manual for the model at over pages.

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You will find many slot machines makes and models. While this is just one page, it is a must have if you are working on the machine. We are willing to buy, sell, or trade old coin operated slot or arcade machines, and jukeboxes. This one has been a long time coming, often requested, and a very difficult manual to find, but here it is all 86 pages of it quality scanned in color and gray tone from a brand faust slot machine, old stock, original manual.

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The bundle includes all 4 of the manuals listed on this page, plus a bonus manual that is not listed. Two 2 page article about Restoration. If you have information that is not yet included and would like to share your lists for, please send them to our database administrator via email DB Admin Antique coin operated machines or parts always wanted.

Some machines get extremely creative, substituting strange and fun symbols on slot reels, the entire machine is often painted in the accompanying theme. Use this manual for setting the progressive's using the two red buttons behind the top box award glass in the progressive meters light board, using no key pad.

This manual is pages of information and dated for We do have some slot machine parts, and can help you repair your slot machine.