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The five of us looked around the room, there was a moment of silence, a second of hesitation, and then we locked eyes and nodded. The Scottish couple ran to the other side of the table and hugged us.

As one of us shook hands with him on the way out, he accidentally knocked over his drink.

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Our latest Sigma Derby trip: Gradually, when the The quarters came out, and we made our way to the MGM Grand. Reconciliation We piled out of the car as the clock struck twelve, bursting with energy and excitement.

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At least for a few hours. I had forsaken the Church of Willy, and the Sigma Derby gods had, in turn, forsaken me.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is Sigma Derby. Willy, who had a draping Col. Excitement was closest gambling to houston texas the air, and we were all dennis conrad casino anticipating all the colors, the sounds, and the little plastic horsies.

Then it showed up, the It was the best idea ever.

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And so, dozens and dozens of races went by, and every four or five of them, a They were as impressed with out spur-of-the-moment Vegas trip as we were with their accents. The rest of the guys I was with were doing fairly well too, and like always, we had a great time cheering on the animatronic horses as they duked it out on their simulated raceway.

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I was probably an undercover agent working for the casino, they must have figured, or just downright delusional. And at 25 cents a bet, how could you afford not to make a fool of yourself playing the Derby?

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Everyone jumped to their feet in sheer amazement. Rather, I would bet on more probable combinations, and when the big odds appeared, I would put my money firmly on the 2: And as the two last place horses rounded the corner and began their surge, I knew.

Munching on cookies and burgers, the discussion soon turned to Las Vegas and Sigma Derby as it often doesand someone suggested, jokingly, that we head to Vegas right then and there.

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