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Dead Sworn Swords can be brought back to life, or they can be buried. To start with, that 'something else' will consist of making sure you're got a few essential buildings and upgrades and then setting them to work. Your character has stats and equipment slots just like your Swords do. This refunds all training points the Sword has, allowing you to allocate them anew.

And, of course, all its upgrades are also behind timers, So, yes, you'll need something else to move on to once those are set in motion.

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A castle icon on the main screen where you select quests denotes one of these. But that's a different story.

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It gets only people much stronger than you, from 20 to 40 levels above you so this nice implement of seals, is pretty much unusable. However, the other Great House bonuses do not persist. So, gota seal slots you've got enough silver in the bank, start buying the Counting House upgrades.

I did find a workaround, provided it is for an item you only have one of, go via storage, from there if you click on apply seal on an item, the window opens in the correct spot.

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Which level is used for the purpose of determining seals, the level 15 or 16? You really do feel at one here with Westeros.


Gota seal slots you get the chance to upgrade their stats, focus on each one's particular skill - there's little point in spreading it around. You'll have to wait, of course, but since you'll need these resources alongside silver coins for most of the other upgrades you want, it's a valuable investment.

Wounds can also be removed with the use of. But here's a slightly surprising thing: Sadly, there are a lot of Sword quests, and you'll rapidly reach the point where one Sword just isn't enough. We are working on ways to improve how to display them more regularly.

Multiple lives If you do want to play the game super-seriously, then one of the first things you should understand is the concept of reincarnation. Retraining A Sworn Sword that has been trained can be retrained for gold. Unsuccessful actions generally inflict a wound and, if gota seal slots Sworn Sword accumulates five wounds at the same time, they will die.

While it might seem appealing out of game to ensure you have the supplies to get drunk and cure the munchies afterwards, there's another reason you should be obtaining these items. I suggest fixing it as soon as possible.

Wounds and Dying While your main character in the game is invincible, your Sworn Swords are not. So if you would expand the keep size for available sworn swords, or add an option to choose how much slots you would like to unlock on a sword you want to buy, it would be great.

This helpful house makes resources for free, without catches: Then, you can start alternating with those that increase the income rate until you hit a nice balance. Lord and Master When you've got a stable full of Swords at your command, it's very tempting to play the mighty liege-lord and try to micro-manage their stats and equipment. The level is checked when the action is resolved, so if you leveled up at that point, the level requirement would no longer be met.

WexMajor posts metadata Ahem… the seal screen is a bit off center. IS this SS now permanent or not? I have made a screenshot to illustrate this, it will be clearer.

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I send my SS to a level 10 friend. Equipment can also be worn by your character to increase the XP of all sworn swords. First, though, I think it's worth reminding you quickly that the single best thing about Game of Thrones: You'll also presumably be champing at the bit to see the next episode of the TV series.

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So, buying directly with Gold is worth it if you have that much stockpiled, Silver will let you get the SS sooner, and you can unlock slots incrementally. However, you'll quickly realise that unless you can log on very frequently to drain its resources, you'll effectively be wasting money once the house has filled up to its limits.

Certain Items and Seals allow a chance of inflicting additional wounds.