Does moto g 2nd gen have micro sd slot. Samsung Galaxy J5 review and best deals | S21

Reply Reviewed by A. Reviewed by Sharon Rogers from United kingdom on 2nd Apr Love my j5 only problem is there is no music player so not able to play any songs from my sd card.

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So maybe it's the network EE. Am calling it a draw and going back to my old phone pity as it seems a nice looking model. Full size SIM card. Asides dis d fone is superb! I have sent the phone back.

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It is not only smaller than Micro SIM card, but also thinner Reviewed by miriam from Israel on 16th Mar As an 85 year old first time smart phone user, am finding my way around. Reviewed by Konrad from United Kingdom on 28th Mar My sister-in-law had this phone for only a few weeks as a Christmas present, but unfortunately spilled some liquid over it.

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Reply Reviewed by Pauline Clark from UK on 13th Feb Love my new phone, does everything i need, except cannot get to my music to use as ringtones on it. Reply by Tahia from Uganda on 9th Apr That last bit, lol Reviewed by gil from england on 22nd Mar Am on my 3rd Samsung j5 in less than 3 weeks as getting a signal is about as rare as hens teeth.

In this case, it would have been worth it! It is a shame however that the phone relies on downloading extras.

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The battery life was good. Guys within one 5 days the prizes reduced by rs. Remove the back cover. I guess i will survive. Worked fine on Wi Fi. The memory card that was in the J5 survived, and will be used in the replacement.

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Reply Reviewed by HaddonEast from UK on 24th Mar Only had it a week but so far its great, does what it sais on the tin, good for the mid cost phone. Some old smartphones are still using Mini SIM card. My open phone shows vodaphone best signal!!!!

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Reply Reply by Bero from England on 28th Apr You can add email and other numbers ,you have to add contact then tap store on device instead of sim and your alternatives show up and you can add home number emails etc. Thanks Samsung you can have a big thumbs up. The dimension, mainly the thickness, is not accurate.

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Have played Spectre DVD converted file on phone with no lag and good output. Reply Reviewed by dean from us on 28th Feb great phone you have for a decent price its capable of high-end games with very minimal lag. Does gold strike casino memphis tennessee expected and will style.

Put back the back cover. Been in regular contact with phone company for north west.

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Reply Reviewed by Sharmeen from United Kingdom on 3rd Apr my previous phone Samsung s4mini was playing up for a while whist i was abroad visiting my husband so the moment i came back i wanted to little river band downstream casino a new phone came accross the J5 in Carphone warehouse and was so happy.