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He took these photos before I did my review. However, let the record show that I had nothing to do with her.

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None of those attributes applies to me, so I rather doubt that I am in the establishment's target demographic. The booking agent said that those nights were available under the offer and that he could book us for a Terrace room with a balcony, no charge. MFP01 on Monday, 26th March 3: We were offered an upgrade to a 36th floor, 1, sq. The kitchen was bright and spacious, with appliances that included a nice-sized refrigerator and freezer, an oven, a microwave oven, a glass-surface range top, a wine chiller, and a dishwasher.

The refrigerator and a basket on the counter were stocked with mini-bar supplies at the usual exorbitant prices. In retrospect though, once the beautiful hotel opened, I suspect that the magazine could have gained benefits by implying that there was indeed an association.

Although that diagram was posted in our room, we were really in the southeast corner suite just to the right of the marked spot. He just noted that while we were booked on a very attractive offer, there were other options available that we might consider. Usually manning a shoe game every time I've seen him there. All Rights Reserved, dude. If Mark hadn't prepared me, I would have been overwhelmed by the "room.

There was a fair amount of cabinet space, but there were no pots, pans, dishes, or tableware provided.

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The bath included a large shower enclosure, a huge tub, and dual vanities, in addition to a water closet for the non-pictured toilet. Apparently there was a minor error in map placement by engineering or whomever. When my wife and I checked in, we were served by Mark, who not only made us feel as most-welcome guests, but who also did his duty to up-sell us.

When a line did form, it was managed as a single queue, with the front customer cosmopolitan blackjack served by the next available agent.

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My impression is that most of the patrons seen on any evening in the bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and other public areas though not necessarily at the gaming tables fit well into that theme also. He'll deal faster if you want but if you ask him to relax the speed he'll also deal at a nice even pace, and will be completely honest with basic strategy hints and letting you know if you slip up from your normal play due to distractions like eyeing the cocktail waitresses!

Think of Liberace reincarnated as a casino hotel. First, they have an attendant at the queue, greeting each arriving customer and determining what that customer needs. I'm not talking about bar waiters looking for tips in the casino, but just guest-relations people trying to make everyone's stay more cosmopolitan blackjack. Also, be sure to play with an Identity players club card, further to another poster's comment I can attest to how they definitely are getting looser with comps.

I liked it very much, and I have returned on several occasions to play, wander, and watch. Those generally are non-specific invitations, suggesting that I call a number and speak to my host about coming for a visit.

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That split-desk layout enables the employee to come around the desk, meet the guests as they approach, greet them, and start working on a very pleasant relationship as they walk together back to the desk to get down to business.

If that's not enough space to meet your needs, this suite connects to the adjacent room i. To begin with, the hotel front desk area was spacious, well-decorated, and more than adequately staffed with extremely pleasant and helpful personnel. There was seating for four at the table, a sectional couch and chair in the living area, and a chaise for indoor sunning or watching the big TV over the desk.

I did return the next day to play in the casino, join the Identity players club, and view the establishment while the setting was in a more subdued state. Now when you reach the front of the check-in queue if there is one and it is time for direct interaction with the desk attendant, does the customer head up to the desk where they are made to feel they are intruding on the time of the employee?

In terms of raw, dry, boring numbers borrowed from Wikipedia's article on the placethe Cosmopolitan has asq. The oddity of that shape appears to have been encouraged by the available land onto which the Cosmopolitan was constructed.

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My best guess - these surprisingly low limits were motivated by the expected influx of spring breakers. The photos below show the general lobby area as well as the line of service desks. I am a low-roller of long standing, and it is unlikely that any competent casino host would spend any time talking to me.

Hotel Since I have already mentioned that I suspect I am not part of the hotel's target demographic, perhaps I should relate how I happened to stay there and now have the opportunity to prepare this review. I haven't checked out the rack rate for that suite, and I'm not sure I really want to know.

There had even been numerous media references cosmopolitan blackjack the casino-hotel development as the "Cosmo," the very common nickname of the magazine, so they really had to do something.

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My wife and I had the pleasure or at least mixed emotions of attending the Grand Opening. That meant that the hotel had a number of superior rooms which IBM did not book available at attractive rates.