Casino win loss statement sample. Ask the Slot Expert: Does the IRS accept win/loss statements?

I know high-limit players who have millions of dollars in W-2Gs but have actually lost money playing the slots.

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Substantiation Pub is useful in setting down the information needed. You're absolutely right that the way we have to report gambling winning and losses does not accurately represent a player's true net. The information provided is recorded using the Player Performance System, which is utilized as a marketing tool, and the casino makes no representation as to the accuracy of this information.

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She failed to keep sufficient records. The way we claim gambling losses is not fair 23 December By John Robison John, I just want to add a little input on the way the IRS screws us on taxable gambling income. To contact Frank, please e-mail him at fscobe optonline. Here is the question: Please provide a copy of Driver's License with this form.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Accrual-Basis Income Statement?

I feel if you have to show winnings on A, you should be able to deduct losses on A. Taxpayer should carry a notebook and record for each session the cash in, cash out, and other information. The statement is not necessarily a complete accounting of the person's play. The court however sided with IRS based on insufficient substantiation.

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Instead of using the sum of your W-2Gs as your win, they use the total coin-out number on the statement, which is the sum of every payout you received no matter how large or small. This statement is not designed to replace a gaming diary which the IRS recommends that each player keep with important information such as dates of play, machine or table numbers, jackpot amounts and total wins or losses, Consult your tax advisor to utilize this document or a gaming diary in preparing tax returns.

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There's no proof that the person claiming the loss was the person whose play was recorded and was the only person whose play was recorded. You agree that you will not use the website or services to promote any unlawful enterprise. This situation is even worse for high-limit players, who rack up W-2Gs every couple of spins.

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You agree that you are solely responsible for maintaining the security and privacy of your information. To make the gambling winnings minus the gambling losses you report match the statement, you have to deduct the IRS-reported winnings from the net on your statement. I have to admit that even though I keep a record, I haven't deducted losses regle du jeu de blackjack I've had a W-2G so I have no firsthand experience with justifying a claimed loss.

The additional taxes weren't that much compared with the potential hassle of an audit.

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That number is going to be significantly higher than your W-2Gs. This agreement is a legal agreement between the User and APlayClub.