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He noted my card and handed it back. I really did not do anything to invoke his attitude towards me.

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Up until that day I thought a great deal of Gun Lake Casino and decided to play Blackjack there at least once a week. They have some machines I like to play, and it is now a lot larger.

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I have some great ideas to increase revenue. That's blinds casino it's called gambling! Nice wait staff, and has just had some new additions added.

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At this table the dealer seemed nice. Sorry this is so long, but this is exactly what happened.

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Now I want all readers to know that there are many good attributes of this casino, including the Sand Hill Cafe, the buffet and many good employees who are very friendly and helpful including blackjack dealers. The foods a step above the other local casinos it's cleaner and hostess are always coming around unlike the other ones.

Got tired of the way this dealer was treating me, so I decided to have him count up my chips and leave his table. She acted as though she was bored with her job and hated being there.

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When I returned, the female had been replaced with a thin, weasly guy. I played 20 hands before moving on to the next table. There are machines right up against the bar line, and you constantly have people running into you while trying to get a drink.

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Also, run some beer specials on the weekend. My card was still sitting on top of the Continual Shuffling Machine and had not been entered yet.

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Stick to the classics for better odds - this Casino is in the business of winning; but that's gambling. Dealer said that it fermeture cafeteria casino val deurope be just a few minutes. He just walked away.

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The dealer talked to the guy to my left and to my right but didn't say anything to me nor would he look at me. Please, make it so you can actually walk.

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Some aisles are only wide enough for one person. I also mentioned that "In a moment I was going to take my card and leave and never come back to this casino again. Dealer hardly said a word to anyone including me while playing. From that point forward, for no particular reason, he took a disliking to me. He looked me square in the eye and said "No, it's MY card However, before I could start playing, I realized that I had left my Player's Card at the previous table.

I recommend anyone who likes to gamble to stop in and check them out!!!! He said that it could be back entered into the system, so I would receive my points. Dealer at this table was a female.

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Drinks are always great, and inexpensive. Your hosts need to be more enthusiastic and why not wear regular clothes She didn't seem to care whether anyone won or lost or anything else for that matter.

Didn't say that it was all set nor aquarius casino resort email address apologies for waiting so long. He said Hi when I arrived.

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I would think this would mean that there would be more room to move, NOT the case. So this particular day I decided to play 20 hands of Blackjack and then move on to another table to play another 20 hands before moving on to another table.

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I could not stand it any longer the other night, and we left.