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Our Focus Our Primary focus is to provide customers with an efficient meat processing facility, utilising our highly trained workforce and specialised equipment in order to service all major domestic and global markets. This time last year, NCMC was warning shareholders about a likely loss for its trading year.

Our food safety systems are overseen by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

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A good example was the impact of new cold storage infrastructure, completed in October last year, which added additional on-site chilling and freezing capacity. We operate a sophisticated custom processing operation. Under a patented system, each hide is uniquely and individually identified. The facility has the capability to kill about cattle a week, using two separate processing floors — a beef floor processing cattle over kg and a veal floor for lighter stock with capacity for a day.

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The evening guests will be donned in cocktail attire while dancing, dining, and also enjoying the silent auction, fun photos and more! Numbers processed this year were among the lowest seen in the past 20 years.

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Our unique market access programs for meat and offal are third-party audited for compliance to the highest regulatory and customer standards, both domestic and international. Our state-of-the-art-cold store and blast chill casino royal barriere, utilising an advanced carton storage retrieval system, ensures seamless management and distribution of product throughout the world.

That was avoided, however — primarily because of major capital injection into productivity improvements at the plant, financed during the earlier boom years. The Co-op provides customers with a world-class processing facility to process beef, veal and pork to customer specifications.

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Casino Hide Tanners is dedicated to customer service and is focused on maintaining its high reputation worldwide. Van Hoose was a retired educator from Caddo Parish.

We have the capacity to process animals per week across two processing floors beef and veal. CHT prides casinos with slot machines near long beach ca on its environmental management practices. The rural hospital provides emergency, inpatient, preventative healthcare and more for the residents of northern Caddo Parish.

This is a world leading system, recognised globally as one of the safest food producing quality systems in the world. This enables the tracking of the origin and movement of every hide, from farm of origin through slaughter and on to their final destination.

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NCMC is the only medical facility for more than 40 miles for some residents in the area. While some of the equipment provided by the foundation has been necessities, such as ambulances, others pieces of equipment are what most rural hospitals would consider a luxury with great comfort and benefits to the patients.

On completion of the production process and confirmation that all the physical properties are correct, hides are packed and labeled ready for shipment throughout the world. The plant complies with stringent quality control guidelines providing accreditation as an approved processor for the EU, US, Japan, China, Korea, Halal, Organic, and bio-dynamic markets.

Expansion has made it one of the larger installations in Australia, with the capacity to process more thancattle hides each year.

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The plant implements stringent product hygiene standards and operates a state of the art slot gallina uovo diamante refrigeration plant that optimises the storage life for chilled and frozen products. Previously, NCMC was leasing substantial off-site chillers and freezers, with associated freight and double-handling costs, now removed.

Our Facilities Our facilities are constantly modernised and upgraded to ensure we retain our position as an efficient industry leader at the cutting edge of technology and food safety. The NCMC board told shareholders they expected beef processing returns would continue to be down in the short term, but the outlook from late and beyond was looking brighter, in terms of cattle supply.

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Cancer screening equipment such as a mammogram unit and gastrointestinal screening scopes have also been provided for NCMC patients. Damages to the grain of the hide caused by branding, insects, parasites and scratches are identified and used to determine the final allocation into one of eight quality categories. Established inCHT was one of the first tanneries in Australia dedicated to the tanning of cattle hides for export.

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