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One thing that I notice right away when going to the Bovada site was the different look and feel of the pages.

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Not only are the graphics updated, but the black background that Bodog has been known for has been replaced with a much brighter set of pages. Email — You can use the contact form on the Bovada.

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So, as far as I am concerned, this is about as good as it can get for an American player looking to gamble online. I think the design team at Bovada has done an excellent job in this regard.

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Check out the screenshot below for a full overview. I play there on a fairly regularly basis whenever I feel like blowing off some steam or trying to get lucky.

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Advice start slow small bets and deposit a large enough amount to cover losses then use bigger bets later when it seems like the tide of losses changes. What I can tell you is this: I don't wanna do this if it's a scam or something Will commented: These days, the offers are solid, but there is nothing that sticks out to me as something that makes me want to play harder at Bovada than any other site.

My review of Bovada will leave no stone unturned - I want to determine if this is still a great betting option for those of you reading.

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Had email offering my withdrawal in USD then hrs later Bovada decided they wanted to pay out in Euro. Class action suit anyone? Would I Play at Bovada Casino?

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They had no problem taking money from me over and over when I lost, but when I won this time they came up with some excuse and closed my account. You have no name per-say. My only complaint is the dual-line service that offers sharp bettors a different line than the general public, Other than that, I love this section of the site.

Everything you need to know about Bovada Casino universe.

Banking American players continue to struggle with payment options, and it is no different at big sites like Bovada. If you chase your bets, the higher the bet the lower the win percentage.

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As I said, this type of action happens more times than it ever could during live play. However, Bovada has gone to a lot of effort to put together an extensive FAQ section.

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At traditional 2 1, two cards have been dealt to the player and 2 cards have been dealt for the trader. And oh yea majority of the time if you have pocket kings, someone at the table has them aces. I think they are the fastest cashiers around via bitcoin. He recommended this site to friends who trust his opinion. Even industry leaders like Bovada are feeling the pinch, and this is why I assume we have seen an blackjack bovada odds redesign of the website!

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Bear in mind that most of the rules are not exactly the exact same, therefore a single-deck variant of Bovada Classic blackjack may definitely not be a lot better compared to the usual six-deck or even eight-deck edition. That's how gambling works. I made 2 deposits one daychecked my bank account the next day, they charged me an extra deposit, an trying to get refund of overcharge now, they say it is a pre hold, when I sent them copy of my bank statement showing it is not pending, it has cleared, they still told me to wait 10 days and see if it goes back in my account.

Ratings Breakdown Overall Back when Calvin Ayre left the Bodog brand, and the American portion of the company was sold, it was hard to tell what the future held for the new Bovada brand.

The mobile browser version of all the games is robust though, and players should have no issues whatsoever playing the games on phones or tablets that have a decent internet connection. The so called "bonus" is a bonus for them.

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Here is a sampling of all the sports you can choose from at Bovada: However, one is better than none. An ace and guess what comes on river? Again, I get it, bad beat right, but the frequency in which this type of play happens is ridiculous.