Best in slot wow hunter. T22 Beast Mastery Hunter Best in Slot (BiS) List for Patch (Battle for Azeroth)

Looking for a HUNTER best-in-slot gearguide!

If you are race that doesn't care what kind of ranged weapon you use, the best option is the Dragonheart Piercer crossbow that drops from the Theralion and Varliona encounter in the Bastion of Twilight. The gem socket makes it a better choice than the leatherworking-craftable Corded Viper Beltbut if you have the funds, the Corded Viper Belt can certainly carry you over until you get the drop.

Join me after the cut as we dig into the giant pile of loot available to us and mourn the lack of any hunter gun drops in raids. However, if you don't need the hit -- and you probably do not -- then you'll prefer the Spaulders of the Scarred Lady that drop from Nefarian.

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However, you do want to pursue your four-piece set bonus, so that means of the five Lightning-Charged set pieces, you only want to skip one. You'll get a list with items that you're eligible to roll for the selected raid tier, difficulty and specialization.

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Not so in Best in slot wow hunter. You can make custom BiS lists if you need more than the standard one for each specc. I can't find Aman'Thul's Vision under trinkets!

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This guide is intended to be a straight-to-the-point resource to quickly get you back in the game. Of course, we're also benefiting from socket bonus as well, as we've discussed before. However, it's not a bad thing if you end up with all five set pieces, unlike expansions past.

Level 120, Patch 8.0.1

Accessing the AddOn By default there's a mini-map button which looks like this: How can I report it? Trinkets We discussed trinkets in detail on Monday. Dory's Finery is BoE, so you may be able to pick it up on the AH for an outrageous sum and save your valor points for something else.

You can also access the AddOn by using the chat commands: I've encountered a bug! When I took over the project so were the original translation files unfortunately lost. So while the generic raid drop might have a blue socket with a 20 haste socket bonus, the set piece has a yellow socket with a 20 agility bonus.

Suffice to say here that our best trinkets are the amazing Fluid Deathavailable for 1, valor points, and Essence of the Cyclonewhich drops from Halfus Wyrmbreaker in the Bastion of Twilight. If you're a troll, you will prefer the Themios the Darkbringer bow dropping from Atramedes in Blackwing Descent.

Typicall,y what we see with set armor is that each individual piece is slightly worse than the alternative raid drops; however, the set bonus usually makes the set worth going for.

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From leveling your hunter to optimizing for heroics to gearing up with pre-heroic loot and pre-raid lootwe've got you covered. Check the boxes to disable or make the animations instant. Malevolence from Halfus Wyrmbreaker is the melee weapon of choice that all the fashion-forward hunters will be sporting this season.

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Frostheim of Warcraft Hunters Union uses logic and science mixed with a few mugs of dwarven stout to look deep into the hunter class. Melee Interestingly, Cataclysm does not have a whole lot of two-handed agility options for us in raid content, and those two-handers remain superior to dual-wielding one-handers for us.

Feet Interestingly, the most fashionable footware for hunters doesn't come from a raid, but instead is actually the Treads of Malorne from exalted reputation with the Guardians of Hyjal.

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More than any other right now, the question that is filling my inbox is "What should I buy first with my valor points? The Lightning-Charged Spaulders are going to be the best shoulder slot item for any hunters needing the hit rating, and we get them from an armor token dropped by Cho'gal, the fourth boss encounter in the Bastion of Twilight.

On startup the AddOn automatically selects the highest available raid tier and difficulty. We're going to be considering everything that drops from current normal-mode raid content, as well as what we can purchase with our valor points.

This is primarily because our set pieces are giving us a better socket bonus agility and better-colored sockets. As always, we are not going to consider PvP options. It's a BoE, so you don't need to be doing heroic content to get it; just keep looking for it on the AH. The AddOn uses the loot list of that list and checks if you're eligible for that loot in that slot.

Best In Slot Redux

If and when Mistral Circle drops, it has one of four random stat combinations. We are sharing a token with warriors and shamans, so that is your competition. Head Our head slot has one of our delightful set pieces, the Lightning-Charged Headguard. Mail your hunter questions to Frostheim.

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On Monday, we discussed hunter trinkets in depth. These localization's are really weird, wrong or missing. Players love to emphasize and theorycraft over the value of certain stats, talents etc. This guide is a resource to help optimize your character using up-to-date stat priorities, stat weights, talent builds, rotations and more curated by a small team who've played since The manager will show you a copy of your inventory screen and for each slot you can set a BestInSlot item.

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It's also worth noting that the Vicious Galdiator's Rifle is better than anything for dwarves, but it does require arena or rated battleground play to acquire.

What to buy first?

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Neck Our best neck item is the Necklace of Strife that drops from Theralion and Valiona, the second boss encounter in the Bastion of Twilight.