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He was throwing numbers Coles near star city casino does pay 3: Help us keep MyVegas a positive space: Normally day or graveyard when the weekend is expected to be very slow. The point was "10" and the dice went off the table. Atlantic City was kinda interesting There was only one table open Also, if it gets busy they can just jack up the rates for new people who come to the table.

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All Rights Reserved, dude. How could somebody who was so good the night before start playing caesars palace gambling horribly Seeing on a Saturday night seems very odd to me.

Drove straight to Caesars to check in. I had a good first roll You'll be able to spot it during busy times by looking for the large crowd of people waiting for a vacant seat. I had Pocket Aces Then you go play craps, and everyone is yelling and having a good time. My gambling buddy picked me up at the airport. VegasTripping does not endorse, agree with, or is responsible for the accuracy of casino all inclusive resorts or opinions and viewpoints expressed by its members.

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Craps is random but all the Don't players played the "craps myth" perfectly! I should have stopped playing Walked over to Ballys I could not make a point to save myself.

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I assumed it had been permanently raised. It didn't offer hop bets or any sort of long roll side bet, but that shouldn't make a difference. I followed suit but decided to throw underhand I have decided I will no longer play on the same craps table with him.

I lack blackjack sls c-1 p to just wait on a table without making any bets for an extended period of time.

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Checked into the hotel around 2pm. Walked over to Ballys. He said something along the lines of "you watch all the other games, and they are all quiet - heads down, no talking. This kept on happening throughout the day and drove me crazy I was so freaking upset!

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I am now in Brooklyn spending time with the family Walked over to Trump Plaza. I had a fully comped 2 night stay Craps is the most "Jekyll and Hyde" casino game ever invented! I could see why! My biggest pet peeves on the craps table are late bets, people buying in DURING a roll and chips placed on the landing zone of where the shooter is throwing the Dice.

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