3 squares wide slot 2-slice cool-touch toaster, all...

There's also a programmable delay timer that sets up to 15 hours in advance to have rice or oatmeal ready when it's needed. Whip together a delicious meat sauce for pasta. Like lightly browned white toast? Cleanup is easy thanks to the nonstick-coated removable stainless steel pitcher.

The toaster is equipped with 6 browning settings so you can get customized toasting levels every time. With a programmable timer that counts down the time your food steams after water reaches a boil in the pot. While innovative engineering keeps the body of the toaster cool to the touch.

View Item Details And keep your toaster stylish and clean with the included silicone cover.

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In addition to all that, it also has an awesome quinoa function that makes that super food super easy to cook. The oatmeal function is ideal for steel cut oatmeal and really all kinds of oatmeal. Even make organic homemade soy milk with ease! View Item Details Save dishes. High, medium and low settings work just like any casino woodbine slow cooker.

Intelligent blending options for Smoothies, four Auto Blend speeds and Pulse to blend as long as you'd like. The cover keeps things clean when not in use. This is the result of innovative engineering! The nonstick cooking pot and all accessories are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. The bread is centered when placed in the slots, so taking out thick bread slices will be effortless.

The included steam tray can also steam food while rice cooks below! It will heat milk, hold it at a boil, allow it cool, tell you when it's time to add the culture and cook your yogurt automatically. Unlike other blenders, its built-in watt heating element actually cooks food.

After all, one can never be too safe these days, and with the kind of germs that could easily grow in even the most heavily used kitchen appliances, the silicone cover is heaven sent.

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You can take food from a frozen state to being all toasty in just one step thanks to the defrost function. In addition to cooking, the powerful stainless steel blades and intelligent blending controls of the SOUP3RB are ideal for making frozen drinks and smoothies, chopping, blending, pureeing or liquefying.

The shape and overall design is unique. And it's a yogurt maker unlike any other. Whatever your taste may be, smart electronic browning control makes sure it comes out just right.

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If you decide that the bread is browned enough, or if you change your mind about the browning setting midway during the toasting process, just press the CANCEL button, and the bread pops up instantly.

The plastic body stays completely cool to the touch, while giving the toaster a lightweight profile.

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Includes steam tray, rice paddle and rice measuring cup. It unlocks the true flavor potential in quinoa so it's not just a gruely bowl of disappointment.

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It gives you a totally cool way to brown bread. Take food from frozen to toasty in just one step with the defrost function. The toaster comes with a cool design that distinguishes it easily from other items in the same category. It is made for people who prefer to keep their toasters clean and stylish all the time. It's a food steamer too.

3 Squares Wide Slot 2-Slice Cool-Touch Toaster with Silicone Cover, White

While Fuzzy Logic 2. This is a terrific toaster with silicone cover. Cook a decadent tomato cream soup. The smart electronic controls provide just the right toastiness to your bread so you can enjoy biting into food.

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